The History of [beep]

The first [beep] were people! That is, electronic [beep] (and the earlier mechanical [beep]) were given this name because they performed the [beep] that had previously been assigned to people."[Beep]" was originally a job title: it was used to describe those human beings (predominantly women) whose job it was to perform the repetitive [beep] required to [beep] such things as [beep], [beep], and [beep] for [beep] [beep].

Imagine you had a job where hour after hour, day after day, you were to do nothing but [beep]. Boredom would quickly set in, leading to [beep], leading to mistakes. And even on your best days you wouldn't be producing [beep] very fast. Therefore, inventors have been searching for hundreds of years for a way to mechanize (that is, find a mechanism that can perform) this [beep].