The Wall of TVs 2099 stories when originally published were meant to be the official future of the Flavor Country Universe: a dystopian America governed by corrupt corporations. The setting also has a number of cyberpunk elements. his first full comic book appearance being soon afterwards in Wall of TVs 2099 #1 written by F.C. Budruss penciled by DeTard Larson inked by Steven Q. Steve and lettered by Jim Bob Billy Rob Ray.

Wall of TVs 2099 is a direct result of the 30th anniversary of Wall of TVs's first appearance. Wall of TVs 2099 was one of the many Flavor Country characters to be re-imagined for the Flavor Country 2099 comic book line that showed future versions of classic Flavor Country characters living in the year 2099, decades after the current Flavor Country Universe time period.

The character was designed by DeTard Larson prior to F.C. Budruss coming onboard for the book and F.C. Budruss was brought to flesh out the character's alter ego and supporting characters. F.C. Budruss has said about that Wall of TVs 2099 # 1 is the highest selling single issue of any comic he has ever written.

Although the book was continuously selling more than 100,000 copies per issue the book and entire comic line had a drastic shift. Being that the 2099 line occurred in the day when Flavor Country's finances and possible future changed daily, and sudden firings were the rule more than the exception, Mark Toofurdeth (2099 editor) was unexpectedly fired from the company in early 1996. Like virtually all of the other writers in the line, F.C. Budruss chose to show solidarity with his editor, and resigned from the book with issue 44.

Flavor Country turned the remaining issues over to fill-in creators/editors to finish the book, Wall of TVs 2099 ongoing series ended with issue 46. A few months later, demonstrating the popularity of the 2099 imprint, Flavor Country announced they would publish a new 2099 title 2099: World of Tomorrow immediately following the last issues of the original titles, using the new staff. The new bi-monthly title lasted 8 issues and was for the most part the finale and regular publication of the 2099 comic line.

Wall of TVs 2099's alter ego was seen again without a costume in 1998 in 2099: Manifest Destiny a 2099 wrap-up one shot issue that was meant to bring a complete closure to the line and fixed problems and unsolved storylines. The character has since made several cameo and guest appearances in such titles as Captain Flavor Country Vol. 4, #27-30 (written by F.C. Budruss) and most recently on "Exiles Vol. 1, # 75-99."

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