There can be only three stuntaz.  Don't hate...


You really think y'all are as fly as us?  Don't step.   We are Rap starz blowin up in the 2G+2.

Da Flame in tha hiz-ouse!!!  Rollin on dubs in hiz blazin' Firebird... Flame gets all the ho'z.

Freeze be flossin' wit his sweet Ford Ranger... bling bling!  Money ain't a thang!

Yo... check out Blade's phat Eclipse, he be dippin' up in your neighborhood so watch yo azz.


"Yo mom'z, can you come pick us up?"  Naw hell no, we be blingin' on the cellies with some girlies.

Photo shoot before goin to the cluuuubz.... jeah!  We gonna get BLAZED.

Wassup now bish?  We changed outfits but we still ICY HOT.

Aww jeah, my pops let me pimp out the Stunta Cruiser with some stickaz! Phatride!

Blade sayz "Raise Da Roof" beyatches!


e-mail us yo - we may not answer cuz we got too many ho'z... y'all can try though