FLAVOR COUNTRY FILMS: creating highly illogical entertaintment since 1996.

Flavor Country I - The Movies

Flavor Country Films' first release filmed in 1996 on location at Flavor Country I in Fargo, ND. "The Movies" were originally shot, edited and released in one day, November 2nd, 1996 the day after raging house party. Over the years the film has been re-edited and ultimately digitized with the collaborative efforts of Wall of TVs Productions. This, the most recent re-edit is complete with the editing prowess of F.C. Budruss and Dana Larson. As well as an original soundtrack by Wall of TVs own 3p1l3k7r1c.

Flavor Country V - All Against One

All Against One is a production of Flavor Country Films in collaboration with Wall of TVs productions. It was filmed in 2000 on location in Fargo, ND and stars Sondril, Knude, Rockstar Garland, paf, Mental Floss, bic_h, Le Berge and F.C. Budruss (deceased).

Flavor Country VII - Budruss

The seventh film in the Flavor Country 'The Movies' collection, Budruss was shot in 1999 and remained un-edited until 2008. Starring PAF, Knude, Steve, Lea Pea, Floss, F.C. Budruss, Rockstar, Jim, Abe and dfile this short film is the story of unknown rationale.

Flavor Country VIII - Unwritten End

A small cadre of the original Flavor Country Films crew met up in Phoenix, Arizona for a day and put together this arty piece. Rico Lee Suave Swanson and Rockstar Garland spent an afternoon chasing one another about the streets with a set of golf clubs.

Flavor Country Films are available for download via archive.org