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> how porn works

> key ingredients

pornography addiction always involves lust and usually involves idolatry. regardless of a person's religious convictions, the side effects of lust and idolatry are all harmful.

> lust

pornography caters to two areas of elemental lust - the "lust of the eyes" and the "lust of the flesh" (1 john 2:15-17). lust is something that all people struggle with to some degree or another. lust, when fed, can grow into an uncontrollable force in a person's life. it can spread like a fire that is never satisfied. the bible warns people about lust and its associated dangers frequently.

> how does evil work?

evil works by direct attack, appealing to your "fleshly" or carnal nature. in the bible, james 1:13-15 shows us that the forces of evil are those who drag a person away and entice him. working from our christian framework, we find sin, or rebellion against god, is one of the primary objectives of the forces of evil. evil also aims to corrupt, use, destroy and harm anyone that will give it a "foothold." porn provides a wealth of footholds for temptation. these footholds are not easily removed, as the images are stamped in the brain with the assistance of hormones released during sexual arousal.

people who fight pornography addiction without the spiritual help of jesus christ will at best find only partial victory. who else can a person turn to for power to break the heavy anchor chains that the lust and idolatry have in their flesh? who will give them power to run off the forces of evil that now influence their thoughtlife and body? the only source that we know of for reliable, authentic and enduring help is jesus christ.

god foresaw that people would become entangled in pornography and all other forms of addictions. he sent jesus christ to die for man's rebellious sin, and offer new life and power for living to those that believe on his name. we have experienced personally this addiction-breaking power that god sends in the name of christ. it is genuine and real!

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