Matt's craptastic Bachelor party website.

December 1st - 3rd, 2006

Spirit Mountain, Duluth, Minnesota, USA, Earth

We will be staying at the Back Tracks villa at t3h top of Spirit Mountain.

Matt will be consuming mass quantities of B33R mixed with shots of whatever awful liquors Jon brings for him. (Yes you are, Matt. Don't argue.) He will then be performing a backflip off of the hot tub while puking on himself.

Well I'mot sure who on this list heard the great news and who hasn't so I just made a mass email to all. On friday Nov. 11th I became happily engaged to Katie Lundeen. We had a dinner party at my sisters and brother in laws house. There was the surprise of both our parents and her brother in the basement waiting when we got there. My sister escorted her down after my brother in law gave us an excuse to go earleir and I pooped the question. We have no date set for sure, we are considering a winter wedding in Jan of '07.

Hope everyone is doing well and if I missed anyone on this list please forward it.